Jac Berrocal + David Fenech + Vincent Epplay – WHY
Release Date : April 2017
Label : Blackest Ever Black

Tracklist :
A1. Why (3:58)
B1. Ice Exposure (3:10)
B2. Alienor en Aout (1:10)

Recorded and mixed in Paris, Montreuil 2013-16 by David Fenech and Vincent Epplay

Jac Berrocal – trumpet, voice, organ, lyrics
David Fenech – electric guitar, drum loop, edits
Vincent Epplay – synthesizers, percussions, edits
Frieda Grünberg – voice on B2.
A1 recorded by Thibaut Javoy, Paris.
B1 recorded by David Fenech at Halle aux Cuirs, Paris.

Cover image by Vincent Epplay

7″ mastered and cut by Noel Summerville, pressed at Optimal and housed in printed sleeve. Edition of 300.

Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Vincent Epplay return to Blackest Ever Black with their first record since 2015’s Antigravity LP.  Why brings three singular but complementary pieces together on one 7″. The title track is a louche but volatile art-rock panther-stalk…a cracked jazz ode on street hassle pitched somewhere between Vince Taylor-in-exile and PiL’s Metal Box…Berrocal on vocals, a rakish, slurring stream-of-consciousness that becomes a yowl of despair; drums loose and dub-delayed; Fenech’s jagged guitar phrasing set to stun, and Epplay’s electronics set to flay. ‘Ice Exposure’ situates Bef’s mournful, muted trumpet in the sort of eerie deep-freeze ambience that characterised Antigravity, and ‘Alienor en Aout’ coaxes a gloomy poetry from affectless cold war radio broadcasts.

Why are we so strange tonight?

Limited pressing (300 copies) with artwork by Vincent Epplay, available to pre-order now for April 28 release.

Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Vincent Epplay’s wild and unusual trio have three new pieces for you to gaze curiously at. Why is a burst of woozy-weird art-rock built out of flaring electronics, lurching rhythms and Berrocal’s wildman vocals. Intriguing 7” single, limited to just 300 copies on Blackest Ever Black.
Norman Records (link)

When three experimental artists get together to make some music, the result is bound to be interesting. And so we have the Why 7″ from Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Vincent Epplay, out later this month on Blackest Ever Black. Think of it as slam poetry as performed by a free form jazz trio playing under the guise of no wave band in some seedy club in New York in the late 70s.
Heaven is an incubator (link)

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