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She Loves Control (performance)

Artist Franck Ancel invited 23 artists for the opening of his exhibition. Nicolas Ballet, les Pontificall Beuys (Dorothée Chapelain, Katia Feltrin, Loïc Connanski), Anna Byskov, Frédéric Develay, Moufida…

0 ∞ ( Zero to infinity )

a sound and vision installation by Franck Ancel with sound contribution from several artists including vincent epplay, erikm, joël hubaut, marc hurtado, etienne jaumet, f.j ossang, pierre-yves macé and many more…

Crunchy Crunch

crunchy crunch is a very very big compilation with many many tracks… it has been compiled by joel hubaut and it includes beautiful tracks by jean françois pauvros et charles pennequin, vincent epplay, joel hubaut + lea le bricomte, frédéric acquaviva, matthieu laurette, etc. The sleeve cover is by Jacques Villeglé.