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David Fenech – Mountains Of Night

  David Fenech – Mountains of night Jelodanti is happy to present Mountains Of Night, David Fenech’s third solo album, following Grand Huit (2000) and Polochon Battle (2007)….

David Fenech – Grand Huit (LP)

Gagarin Records LP (2013) Tout l’univers CD (2000)

David Fenech – Polochon Battle

inPolysons CD (2007)

David Fenech – Grand Huit (CD)

release date : 2000 label : tout l’univers “grand huit” is one of my alltime favourites (felix kubin) recorded completely on a small 4 track studio, this is…

David Fenech – D’une illogique placable

second tape release. early electroacoustic works. also exists as a one sided cassette

David Fenech – Vous ĂȘtes ici

first solo tape by david fenech, released on the german label eichtzeit in 1993