Recent additions :

  • Cottura 8 Minuti
    Cottura 8 minuti - that's a suggested time for preparing a meal (often printed on pasta package). It's also a suggestion for musicians and sound artists to contribute in gathering a collection of sound recordings that all originate from any sort of a kitchen (indoor, outdoor, home, restaurant)
  • No Other Possibility
    "No Other Possibility" is a compilation around the american band Negativland.
  • Rer Repeter ‎– Deep Desire Tragedies
    A mixtape by Rer Repeter (Martin Werner), including one track by Jac Berrocal + David Fenech + Vincent Epplay
  • Radio Nautilus
    Radio Nautilus is a science fiction compilation. Including tracks by Denis Frajerman, Francisco Lopez, Brume, Lezet, Planetaldol, M Nomized, Yann Pillas and many others.