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Expressivitesse (music for dance)

Expressivitesse music for dance with Tamara Pitzer (2017) first show for En Chair et En sons 2017. Tamara Pitzer is a free performer and multidisciplinary artist (video, drawing,…

Discuts Magazine #20

a magazine about dreams in sound. with the contributions by dinah bird, jean-yves bosseur, jean-louis costes, julia drouhin, harold schellinx, emmanuel rebus, etc

Ils traversent les pistes sur des morceaux de tissu pour ne pas laisser de traces

“Ils traversent les pistes sur des morceaux de tissu pour ne pas laisser de traces” is a play by french artist Virginie Yassef, produced by La Gaité Lyrique. David Fenech composed the music for the stage play.

stavroula chantzi – troublé (film music)

troublé is a video made by stravoula chantzi, from greece. david fenech recorded the soundtrack for the video.

Airtight (music for dance)

david fenech and christina towle played together around the breath sounds, the body sounds, and balloon sounds. music for dance, dance with music.

into a sound flottement

david fenech and muriel rodolosse were residents of “la pommerie” in the summer of 2010. they created a common work mixing paintings and music.

0 ∞ ( Zero to infinity )

a sound and vision installation by franck ancel with sound contribution from several artists including vincent epplay, erikm, joël hubaut, marc hurtado, etienne jaumet, f.j ossang, pierre-yves macé and many more…

samplers et boules de gomme

david fenech was asked by the “villette sonique” festival to animate a workshop for kids around electronic music. david created a special software for the workshop in order to create music using a webcam

music for médecins sans frontières

médecins sans frontières is an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance. david fenech composed the music for a short clip by didier richard, with drawings by benoit guillaume.

les contre-jours (film music)

les contre-jours is a french movie by gabriel franck produced by le g.r.e.c . it includes a music by david fenech + james plotkin

not here not there (music for dance)

exclusive music for dance for iuliana varodi’s choregraphy.

la maison des clowns (music for theatre)

la maison des clowns is a company run by giovanna d’ettorre. david fenech composed the music for the stage.

eloise the musical tamagotchi

eloise is an interactive sound installation. it is based on the idea of “a musical tamagotchi”

portrait sonore (by falter bramnk)

french musician falter bramnk has made a sound portrait of a bunch of musicians. including fred frith, jac berrocal, luc ferrari, john greaves, catherine jauniaux, frederic le junter, berangere maximin, jean francois pauvros. david fenech welcomes the sound reporter into his own home studio. enjoy the making of “polochon battle”


alaeeeygh is an exclusive mp3 by david fenech released for the ronda label. it is downloadable for free on their website.

nuits graves

nuits graves is an exclusive mp3 by david fenech released for the “off and green” netlabel. it is downloadable for free on the project’s website.the music is one hour long and is a drone of electric guitars and magnetic fields