Dominique Grimaud – 19 Feedbacks
Label : Discrepant
Release date : May 8, 2020
Dominique Grimaud: samples and processing.
Pre-mastering : David Fenech.
Mastering and cutting by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin.
Artwork by Evan Crankshaw.

David Fenech helped on sound editing and pre mastering for this great Dominique Grimaud album.

Dominique Grimaud makes you listen to the The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and many more artists from the 1960s, like you never hear before. The title says it all: “19 Feedbacks”. French multi-instrumentalist and sound experimentalist Dominique Grimaud dives into his adolescence and the 1960s, when he discovered music that he could identify with and that would stay with him for his whole life. But “19 Feedbacks” it’s not just about memories or music, it’s about feedback. The beginning of the use of feedback on pop and rock songs throughout that decade and beyond. It helps – of course it helps – that Dominique feels and knows what he’s talking about. He lived those years. He knows the energy and the momentum and the historical breakthroughs that were made every time a rock band pushed the boundaries of commercial approval. He uses samples of feedbacks from that era and builds beautifully enigmatic sound-pieces around them. Some of those samples/feedbacks will be very recognizable. It’s not worth telling because it will spoil the experience of listening and dive into “19 Feedbacks”. It’s better if the listener isn’t expecting them and enjoy the ways Dominique explores them and reintegrate them into modern experimental music.

Although it carries that experimental side, “19 Feedbacks” normally feels as a freeform library music. Tracks like “Out Of The Sand” and “Green And Blue” carry a beautiful ambiguity of handcrafted electronic sounds thought for an electronic library of sound, to be or not to be used for a movie, radio or television. While others, like “Soft Voice” or “18 Tides” dwell along the ambient spectrum.

Some tracks carry a more electronic momentum. Dominique adapts the “19 Feedbacks” to fit different styles and he wasn’t trapped in the gimmick side of working around such specific samples. It’s a brave new world of sound escapades and sonic ventures. You never thought you would hear the Beatles, Stones, Captain Beefheart or Pink Floyd sound like this.

All songs by Dominique Grimaud
Artwork by Evan Crankshaw