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Rhys Chatham + David Fenech – Tomorrowstartstonight

  Rhys Chatham + David Fenech – Tomorrowstartstonight Label : KlangGalerie (gg435) Format : CD Tracklisting : 01. In search of tomorrow 02. Tomorrow together 03. Tomorrow starts…

Take me I’m yours

Free promotional CD label sampler, compiled exclusively by Blackest Ever Black for Monorail Music, Glasgow. Includes tracks by Tropic Of Cancer, Raime, Jac Berrocal + David Fenech + Vincent Epplay, etc

Radio Caliban

Radio Caliban is a limited edition cassette and digital compilation bringing together all the singles and key album tracks released on Blackest Ever Black in 2015. Includes Tropic of Cancer, Regis, Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay, Tarquin Manek, Rat Columns, Exploring Jezebel, F ingers…

Gabriel Franck – Les contre-jours (soundtrack)

les contre-jours is a french movie by gabriel franck produced by le g.r.e.c . it includes a music by david fenech + james plotkin

strings and stings

a 100% guitar complication. david fenech duets with james plotkin