D’une illogique placable
release date : 1995
label : escape 3 organisation

second tape release. early electroacoustic works.  also exists as a one sided cassette

Tracklisting :
A1. huile de sésame
A2. un enfant
A3. pâté de maison / démolition
B1. trash zouk
B2. chagrin
B3. sur le toit
B4. anna niet doma!

So little of this makes sense, not the least of which is that freaky artwork! The album’s got acoustic instruments but also electroacoustic tape fuckery, and the liner notes list Bartok as direct inspiration on one track? And one of the other tracks is named for Zouk??? I can only assume it’s a correct connection on the part of the artist, I’ve never listened to zouk. “Un enfant” feels long and gets hard to listen to toward the end (chopped and stretched baby voices be like that) but besides that? Probably some of the most inventive and well-studied DIY music ever released.

thankyoubranch (link)