Notre Dame #8
Release Date : 1995
Label : EE Tapes

A beautiful EE Tape compilation, par of the “Notre Dame” series.

A1. Human Flesh – Helblauwe Ogen (First Version)
A2. Konstruktivists – Autograd Ii
A3. M.nomized – Human Being In Street
A4. Diledadafish – America
A5. David Fenech – Pâté De Maison / Démolition
A6. Selfs Without Shells – Cape Hope
A7. In Sensorium – Annihilation
A8. 23 Music – Labyrinths

B1. Konstruktivists – Marty
B2. Stratosphere – Only When Voices Sing
B3. S·core – Go To Sleep
B4. Das Schreckenskabinett – No Human Being Left
B5. PBK– Eyelids Closed, As In A Dream (Alternate Take)
B6. 23 Music – Places

Listen to David Fenech – Pâté De Maison / Démolition