Blurred Edge Mix (link)
By Felix Kubin
Release Date 2016

A mix of blurred styles and utopian places, dedicated to the big variety of artists presented at “blurred edges -Festival für aktuelle Musik Hamburg 2016”. It starts with casiotone collages, passes sinister road and punctuation marks, followed by secret whispers and provocative percussion, until it ends in the soft arms of synthetic arpeggios. “Küss mich, Alptraum, küss mich wach” (Ziggy XY)

Track list

01 blodfet & DJ lonely feat. scripted reality
02 Danielle Lemaire
03 El-G
04 Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay “The overload”
05 Aaron Donovan Moore “Strike quicker my lord”
06 Bobo Boutin “Objet Piégé”
07 Column One “Ausbreitung 6”
08 Hyph “Räson des Äthers”
09 El-G
10 Farmers Manual
11 Scheich in China
12 Esplendor Geometrico “Viwanda Kasi”
13 Boris D. Hegenbart & Martin Brandlmayr “m makrobe b””
14 Boris D. Hegenbart & Felix Kubin “f ink k”
15 Naffi Sandwich “Yes I’ll take you home”
16 Pierce Warnecke “An encroaching sea of debris”
17 Cray “Dabuda”