Camizole – Erahtic
Label : Rotorelief
Recording date : 1972
Release date : March 2023

Camizole’s first unreleased album “Erahtic”, recorded in 1972, released 50 years later on vinyl by Rotorelief. Limited to 450 numbered copies on black vinyl. These are the very first recordings of Camizole made in 1972 with a cassette recorder. The main instrument used is a self-built zither, a primitive lutherie supplemented from time to time by an alto violin and a flute. “The goal was to obtain new, dissonant, noisy sounds. The following year, when I bought my first synthesizer, I considered the instrument now useless and destroyed it. In 2016 I wanted to rework these recordings with tools that appeared later, asking myself a decisive question: if I had had access to this material at the time, what would it have given? That’s why I didn’t remove anything, nor add anything, the pieces are delivered whole and without any editing. I only ran the original sound through pitches, delays, harmonizers, harps, reverse, and then mixed the resulting new tracks.”

Dominique Grimaud : Zither, viola, flute, electronic
Pre-mastering by David Fenech
Mastered and cut by Andreas “Lupo” Lubich
Artwork by Frédéric Tacer