Tag: 2000

Mr Quark – Tension

cd version of the incredible jazz remixes of the great french musician mr quark. david fenech plays some subliminal prepared guitar on the bonus track “moi cadelack my n.2” (which is not available on the vynile version of this album)

X Ray Pop – Absolutely nice

x ray pop is a duet between doc pilot and zouka dzaza. their music is variously pop. there are many guests on this cd : francoise hardy, rubin steiner, etienne charry… david fenech plays a guitar duet with doc pilot

David Fenech – Grand Huit (CD)

release date : 2000 label : tout l’univers “grand huit” is one of my alltime favourites (felix kubin) recorded completely on a small 4 track studio, this is…

David Fenech + Moka – Les vaches

first release of david fenech + moka (antoine vimal). this vinyle record is full of cows and seagulls, toys and blips.

France Direct

france direct is a compilation tape released by tout l’univers. french touch, do you like it ?

romulus & remus 100

vynil lp from the romulus and remus label compiling the year 2000 scene from grenoble (capital of the alps , france).

control z

compilation cd remixing a raw material of 5 seconds. cut up and drones.