Tag: 2005

quelqu’un comme nous

covers of daniel darc

Stephane Ricard – Eloise, the musical tamagotchi (sound installation)

eloise is an interactive sound installation. it is based on the idea of “a musical tamagotchi”

tribute to moondog

compilation around moondog, including a rare interview of moondog by saul smaizys, made around 1971 in chicago. with joseph racaille, mami chan, pusse, ilitch, norman bambi …

Falter Bramnk – Portrait sonore (soundtrack)

french musician falter bramnk has made a sound portrait of a bunch of musicians. including fred frith, jac berrocal, luc ferrari, john greaves, catherine jauniaux, frederic le junter, berangere maximin, jean francois pauvros. david fenech welcomes the sound reporter into his own home studio. enjoy the making of “polochon battle”

la compile du slow

this is a compilation of slows to be danced tenderly (girls invite boys)

David Fenech – Alaeeeygh (mp3 single)

alaeeeygh is an exclusive mp3 by david fenech released for the ronda label. it is downloadable for free on their website.