Faff Release date : June 5, 2021 A compilation on the theme of “faff” https://vpoiskahdodofriends.bandcamp.com/album/faff-part-iv Tracklisting : 01. Pendro – Dream Vapours 02. Yaroslav Novikov – Walking 03….

¡Ay caramba!

  ¡Ay caramba! Label : Camembert Electrique Release Date : April 2021 https://camembertelectrique.bandcamp.com/album/ay-caramba I have a track on “¡Ay caramba!”, a compilation dedicated to Mexico. This music was…

Pear shaped

Pear shaped Release date : April 1 2021 A compilation on the theme of “pear shaped” https://vpoiskahdodofriends.bandcamp.com/album/pear-shaped-part-i Tracklisting : 01. V Poiskah DoDo (Kiev) – pear shapeR 02….

Discember – Hear Xmas, See Xmas, Say Xmas

Discember – Hear Xmas, See Xmas, Say Xmas Label : Camembert Electrique Release date 2021 (link) Each December, Camembert Électrique sets up an Advent Calendar audio album on…

May I be excused?

Compilation : May I Be Excused? A compilation of Short Forms in three parts (part 1 , part 2 , part 3, part 4, part 5) Tracklisting :…

Andreas 23 – Tribute To Tardigrades

A tribute to Tardigrades , micro-animals also known colloquially as water bears, or moss piglets.

Rien ni personne

A monstrous compilation but only a fraction of french contemporary sound creativity. Compiled by Tristan Koreya Artwork by Jef Benech