Boom Baby
release date : 1995
format : cassette
label : special releases

Boom Baby is a compilation tape from the nineties. Industrial style.

A1. David Fenech – A Baby?
A2. Wasteland – Jellyfish Baby
A3. Konstruktivist – Baby Boom
A4. Self Supporting Trances – Boom Baby
A5. Factor X – Unison
A6. Flagrants D’Eli – Les Colours
A7. Expose Your Eyes – Radiation Generation (Excerpt)
B1. Expose Your Eyes – Bomb Baby
B2. Schmertz Der Welten – Die Heimkehr
B3. Ars Moriendi – Endlich
B4. M. Nomized – Hiroshima (HouseBombMix)
B5. Moata Omen – Unresponsible
B6. Harry Coltello – This Is The Place
B7. Harry Coltello – Dead Man’s Bleus
B8. Expose Your Eyes – Bomb Baby