banana split – de la viande pour le disco
release date : 1995
label : banana split

a compilation tape with great bands such as god is my copilot, cornershop, seefeel, paste… this tape contains the first recordings of Guy Manuel de Homem Christo + Thomas Bangalter + Laurent Brancowitz (under the darlin moniker), before they formed the well known bands Daft Punk and Phoenix.

a1. god is my co-pilot – satisfaction electrique + la douceur de ma vivre
a2. terrorist trash stars – stranger things
a3. i’m being good – equinox part. 5
a4. dragibus – old king cold
a5. monster pussy – do you call me or what
a6. soul
a7. cornershop – never leave yrself open
a8. scaredy cat – fluffy kitten
a9. peu importe
a10. silver jews – gene booth
a11. gaki deka – ring worm
a12. gutso catso
a13. buffy satan
a14. monster pussy – poor little french girl
a15. les funkies – heartbreakmatic
a16. din – neatherzoo
a17. darlin

b1. dragibus – two little eyes
b2. silver jews – gene booth serenade
b3. peu importe
b4. soul
b5. paste – gyp the hearst
b6. monster pussy – think before you think
b7. unconvincer – the nerd
b8. dragibus – henri 4
b9. john davis – true
b10. les funkies – 90 degrees + too much trompette for the neighborhood
b11. waffle iron – live out II
b12. gaki deka – blackbelt jones
b13. dragibus – ride a cock horse
b14. darlin’
b15. monster pussy – everyone wants to be kim gordon
b16. kindle – say it with flowers
b17. seefeel – time to find me