24 years after the release of "In Cahoots", recorded with many guest musicians, Frank Pahl offers us "In Cahoots Volume 2". This album includes, in alphabetical order : Bill Brovold, Eugene Chadbourne, Amy Denio , Sean DeSantis, David Fenech, Missy Gibson, Erik Gustafson, Deborah Hochberg, Daniel Kahn, Christophe Petchanatz (Klimperei), Lauren Molina, Alan Pagliere, Dennis Palmer (from The Shaking Ray Levis ), Joel Peteron, Terri Sarris, Doug Shimmin, Denis Tagu ( Tagubu ), Tomorrowland, Dave Willey and Howard White.

It is downloadable on Bandcamp here :

Tracklisting :
01. Wonkie (with Sean DeSantis)
02. O (with Amy Denio)
03. Polysaurus (with Denis Tagu + David Fenech)
04. If I ..., Would You ...? (with Klimperei)
05. Snakedog (with Tomorrowland)
06. A Little Bit Wet (with Klimperei)
07. The Romantic Side of Howard (with Howard White)
08. Mack the Knife (with Daniel Kahn, Eugene Chadbourne, Deborah Hochberg and Joel Peterson)
09. Insect's Xmas (with Shaking Ray Levis)
10. One Dyin' (with Bill Brovold, Missy Gibson and Lauren Molina)
11. Hushabye Mountain (with Erik Gustafson and Joel Peterson)
12. 2020 (with Dave Willey and Little Bang Tabernacle)