Frank Pahl – In Cahoots (Volume 9)

Frank Pahl has released the Volume 9 of his “In Cahoots” series. I’m very happy to play on one track, as a trio with Denis Tagu (aka Tagubu) and Frank Pahl. The album also features amazing musicians such as Eugene Chadbourne, Richard Marsella, Mary Riccardi, Doug Shimmin, Only a Mother, Marko Novachcoff…

Tracklisting :
01. Rag #2 (with Pahltone Tooters)
02. Fade into Furniture by Mary Riccardi (with Only a Mother)
03. Happy Party Wind down (with Eugene Chadbourne)
04. You Look Good in Your Hat (with Marko Novachcoff)
05. Chiselneck Funk (with David Fenech and Tagubu)
06. Happy Whistler (with Hugh Caley)
07. Would You Laugh at Me (with Missy Gibson + Immigrant Suns Choir)
08. Fountainhead Re-Mix (with Max Steiner)
09. when I Die (with Friendly Rich)
10. Bela’s Conflict Resolution (with Marko Novachcoff)
11. Broadway (with Doug Shimmin)
12. Solitude (with Eugene Chadbourne)
13. W.i.d. Acapella Reprise (with Friendly Rich)
14. Dirge #16 (with Muchyoungerme)

Released August 4, 2023