Launched in 2015, Akuphone is a French record label created by Fabrice Géry (aka Cheb Gero). This is a sampler from Autumn 2023 from the label. Includes a track from Transcodex (CD on Klanggalerie, LP on Akuphone), as well as tracks by Damo Suzuki (Can), Tasos Tsamou, Ak’chamel and many more. You can download the compilation here :

Tracklisting : 

01. Leviot – Land
02. Ak’chamel – The Great Saharan-Chihuahuan Assimilation
03. Kadef Abgi – Mamadou
04. Jac Berrocal, Vincent Epplay, David Fenech – Noire Est La nuit Sur Montparnasse
05. Eka Faune – Guider Les Fantômes
06. Tasos Stamou – Balkan Express
07. Evan Crankshaw & The Dead Mauriacs – An Expedition Is Born
08. Fuji-Yuki – Scene 4
09. Damo Suzuki & Spiritczualic Enhancement Center – Beja
10. Dada Black Sheep – Sabka Malik Ek