klimperei + voxfazer : strange meeting III
format : streaming / download
label : bandcamp
release date : 2012

Since 2005 Klimperei and Voxfazer have been communicating with sounds, soundtracks and the language of the birds. 500 km far from each other they only met 3 times. The third one was to talk and decide about a concrete work. An album. Strange Meeting III is about musical conversations, exchanges. A playground to communicate. including contributions by david fenech, madame patate, miss ming, nicolas folch, microcosme, micr0lab, pierre ménard

tracklisting :
01. old water is our national anthem
02. cos’ that’s where it’s hidden…the immortality l hadn’t seen
03. ride on (passeggiata)
04. hats off to the rabbit
05. music from bath
06. life, proper semantics & gallows pole
07. this is rock and roll
08. le piano d’hippolyte j.
09. these are the clouds
10. monday 6.4
11. strange meeting iii part i
12. strange meeting iii part ii
13. paralyzed faces whose eyes are still looking for peace
14. treat’ for broken fingers
15. vamp higher last stand
16. disaster sister ii part i
17. valse pour une érosion
18. the scarlet curtain part i
19. the scarlet curtain part ii
20. bones barkers
21. avoid any contact with the skin
22. bird’s sleepy cry among the deepening shades