Cottura 8 minuti – that’s a suggested time for preparing a meal (often printed on pasta package, spaghetti for instance).

Cottura 8 minuti (C8M) was also a suggestion for musicians and sound artists to contribute in gathering a collection of sound recordings that all originate from any sort of a kitchen (indoor, outdoor, home, restaurant etc.). C8M – gave freedom to explore all kinds of kitchenish soundscapes. The performances (“cooking” the sounds, or other recording engagement in the kitchen, using kitchenware to produce sound, music, or even playing real instruments while cooking them in a stew…) don’t all last for 8 minutes, but we gave the artists strict instructions not to overcook it! C8M was curated by Razrook and Lezet. All proceeds from C8M go to the Petar Radovanović Children’s Home, Užice, Serbia.

Tracklisting :

01. Ars Sonor – The Quesadilla Recipe
02. Razrook – One for the Pot
03. David Fenech – Cuisson4mn13s
04. David Nadeau – Two Chopsticks And A Mixing Bowl
05. Cult Party – Futurists Bathing In Pasta (Slightly Undercooked Edit)
06. Awkward Geisha – Kitchen of Death
07. Gekkering – Slightly Overcooked
08. Amok III – Congo Congo
09. Juan Antonio Nieto – Abstract Popular Cuisine
10. Der Domestizierte Mensch – Haushaltsnahe Dienstleistungen
11. Zumaia – Friture
12. Doug Sharp – 7 Minute Breakfast
13. The Fruiting Body – Full Moon Coffee
14. Dream With Echo – Kitchen Mess
15. Dr. Noise M – Tick Tack
16. Otis’s Toaster Ghosts – Eight Minutes
17. Yann Pillas – Un pouletrom Ertopf in d(A)ub
18. I, Eternal – En Attendant Le Menu
19. {AN} EeL – Everything – But, The…
20. Hectic Head – Nuke It
21. Mean Flow – Kitchen Soundscapes
22. Lezet – Waiting for Water and Milk to Boil