From 17 to 20 November 2020, French deputies examine the “Global Security” bill, supported by the government. If such a law were to enter into force as it stands, it would constitute a serious infringement of the right to information, privacy and freedom of peaceful assembly, three conditions that are essential to the right to freedom of expression. This law would de facto prohibit the possibility of disseminating images of illegal police practices, while giving the police unframed means of surveillance, dangerous for our right to privacy. Amnesty International France suggests that you question your MP and parliamentary groups.

The Parisian musician Laurence Wasser set up this compilation project on his label Atomic Bongos in record time. I’m taking part in it with an unreleased track specially recorded for the occasion, and we find some musician friends (Vincent Epplay, Le club des chats, Carton Sonore) and other players from the underground scene (Crash Normal, Delacave, C74, Dress Rehearsals, Hartouch, Franz Hospiz & Andrea Lou Salomon, Julie Normal, Carlos Groënland, Holiday Inn). It is a very beautiful compilation.

Tracklisting :

01. Vincent Epplay – Sans Police
02. Crash Normal – Memory Of The Walls
03. Le Club Des Chats – Bourdon
04. Hartouch – Hartouch
05. Franz Hospiz & Andrea Lou Salomon – Sag Mir Wo Industrial Def
06. Julie Normal – Pinkdot
07. Laurence Wasser – Marche Arrière
08. David Fenech – Watch Moving Brigades
09. Carton Sonore – Dansonance
10. Carlos Groënland – Poursuite
11. Delacave – Us Or Dust
12. Dress Rehearsals- Le Cheval Bascule
13. C74 – Personal Or Private
14. Holiday Inn – Feel Free