No View, The Radio XXXVII
David Fenech + Klimperei
For West Den Haag

Our duet David Fenech & Klimperei has been invited by West Den Haag (museum for contemporary art in The Hague) to contribute to this wonderful video series called “No View, The Radio”. Every Friday, it showcases original musical works by different artists, all selected by Alex Andropoulos. It includes great videos by Sarah Davachi, Bill Orcutt, Rhodri Davies, Yeah You, Cindy Lee, Wendy Eisenberg, Kevin Shea, Black to Comm and many others. Highly recommended. Our video is a film of Benoît Guillaume in action, painting on our music. The soundtrack includes 3 tracks from our album “Rainbow De Nuit” (out now on Marionette) plus 2 unreleased tracks.

Track listing:
01. CharanBolero
02. Call Odette
03. Septième ciel
04. Un cercueil à deux places
05. Rainbow de nuit

Painting and video by Benoît Guillaume
Music composed, recorded and mixed by David Fenech & Klimperei
Denis Tagu plays drums on 05.
Tracks 03 to 05 appear on the LP Rainbow De Nuit, out now on Marionette
They are mastered by Noel Summerville
Tracks 01 and 02 are unreleased tracks