Logan Perry is an American musician from Baltimore. He recorded a collection of improvised pieces, with guest musicians David Fenech (prepared electric guitar), Matthias Boss (violin), Harry Irvine (drums). Logan Perry plays many instruments : Electric Bass, Drums (Electronic), Electric Piano, Synths and Synth Pads, Pitch Shifted Recorder, Alto Saxophone, Pitch Shifted Alto Saxophone, Pitch Shifted Trumpet, Gongs, Sound Effects. Track 3 is dedicated to the band Ruins, Tatsuya Yoshida, Hideki Kawamoto, Kazuyoshi Kimoto, and Sasaki Hisashi. Album Art by Scarlett Downey.


Tracklisting :

01. March 19th Improvisation (with Matthias Boss)
02. Waggaling
03. For Ruins (with David Fenech)
04. The Inquisition Two-Step
05. The Pulse Within A Living Space Part 1
06. The Pulse Within A Living Space Part 2
07. French Indochina
08. Synthesizer Improvisation in C Minor
09. No Soap Radio (Alto Saxophone Soundscape)
10. Striped Pants Diplomacy (with Harry Irvine)
11. Ghetto Calypso