compilation – tape a l’ogue #3
release date : 1995
label : ubu tapes / lundi

Compilation tape from the nineties. Independant french scene. With Herman Dune, Heliogabale, Cosmodrome, and others.

Tracklisting :
A01. Ch Ingalls – Nme
A02. Les Funkies – Première rencontre
A03. Herman Dune – White bear
A04. Pregnant – A Current Affair
A05. Purr – Window
A06. Sick Ducks – Home Fever
A07. Paste – 5 Broomstick Blues
A08. Maki’s Bright X-Perience – The Clown Is Dead
B01. David Fenech – Sparadrap
B02. Herman Dune – Dog ? Horn !
B03. Bianca – Paradise Valley
B04. Heliogabale – Over Rump Waltz
B05. Flathead – Culture Of Silence
B06. Shocktaws – Venusian Ground
B07. Peu Importe – Viande Hachée
B08. This Side Of Jordan – The Kingdom
B09. Cosmodrome – Super erotique Tans Boogie