compilation – tape a l’ogue #3
release date : 1995
label : ubu tapes / lundi

compilation tape from the nineties. independant french scene. with david fenech, herman dune, heliogabale, cosmodrome, and others.
Tracklisting :
A01. ch ingalls – nme
A02. les funkies – première rencontre
A03. herman dune – white bear
A04. pregnant – a current affair
A05. purr – window
A06. sick ducks – home fever
A07. paste – 5 broomstick blues
A08. maki’s bright x-perience – the clown is dead
B01. david fenech – sparadrap
B02. herman dune – dog ? horn !
B03. bianca – paradise valley
B04. heliogabale – over rump waltz
B05. flathead – culture of silence
B06. shocktaws – venusian ground
B07. peu importe – viande hachée
B08. this side of jordan – the kingdom
B09. cosmodrome – supererotique tans-boogie