compilation – tape a l’ogue #2
release date : 1995
label : ubu tapes / ubik

compilation tape from the nineties. independant french scene. including the very first track of peu importe

Tracklisting :
A01. crooner of doom – doll bee
A02. peu importe – sale chtar
A03. les guenos à la plage – do you really love me ?
A04. shewei sun II – jugement dernier
A05. prohibition – great ideas
A06. guitr not – 20 floors
A07. paste – 5 broomstick blues
A08. mister quark – requiem for mister quark
A09. dragibus – akom bakom
A10. aquastar – bedlove
A11. marian kafer – cheese master
B01. lumen – dog
B02. daktari – when the dog
B03. sick ducks – oh my dildo
B04. kim & marie – mk14
B05. john davis – viens
B06. shocktaws – venusian ground
B07. swig – autumn day
B08. les sourires trompeurs – pop song
B09. i.e ME – the storm
B10. in the gaza megakitsch & pakito bolino – valve à fluides