discotroma #02
release date : 1996
label : le dernier cri

the two compilation cds edited by the french collective le dernier cri. the bands merge and form new bands, and they include members of heliogabale, voodoo muzak, la machoire … and a bunch of excellent graphists such as eugene kerozen, steven cerio, caroline sury, nuvish, paquito bolino. these two cds are the only records with peu importe which was a musical collective from grenoble including :
. nuvish mircovitch (clarinet)
. david fenech (guitar and voice)
. nicolas jacquin (apocalyptic drumming)
. julie faivre (voice)
. richard bokhobza (bass, voice)
. laurent sellier (saxophone, voice)
. raphael le bihan (bass)

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