kids only / adults only
release date : 1996
label : demosaurus

the very first demosaurus release. only for kids. with tracks by frank pahl, yximaloo, trevor wishart, dragibus, falter bramnk, klimperei

a1. frank pahl – snoopy studies
a2. yximaloo – kukaimanimani
a3. trevor wishart – still life
a4. dragibus – salam
a5. falter bramnk – le petit train d’oxaca
a6. klimperei – ecureuil

b1. frank pahl – heaven
b2. dolfi und eva – piou piou
b3. bruce atchison – flannel
b4. yximaloo – happy birthday
b5. klimperei – baouk & raouk
b6. dragibus – varom
b7. frank pahl – nonsense
b8. david fenech – samedi

c1. Klimperei – Je Vois Des Vers
c2. Priet – Irakilebin
c3. Yximalloo + Jad Fair – Peter’s Back
c4. Only A Mother – Nobody Loses All The Time

d1. Bruce Atchison – Market Golden Memoires
d2. Dragibus + Peu Importe – Boublichki
d3. Dodes’ Ka-Den – In My Room
d4. David Fenech -À La Foire

adults only is the other tape from this collection, including tracks
by trevor wishart, jad fair, yximaloo, dragibus, etc.