music for toys
release date : 2008
label : monster K7

a compilation on tape with musicians playing on toys. this cassette sampler offers various variations around the toystruments.

tracklisting :
side a
a01. chapi chapo & les petites musiques de pluie (feat. pierre castor) Рlémétentateurs!
a02. setsuko.o – mi pequena monstra
a03. plamo – lonesome toyger
a04. flexion flute – trois petits chats
a05. the appreciation society – clap sing disappear
a06. uke – no somos bolcheviques
a07. les miniatures verts – samourai rose
a08. bacanal intruder – 1-2-3-4
a09. david fenech – toy storrible
a10. kira kira – hjartafanturinn skrjafar

side b
b01. bilbao – lilas
b02. .tape. – french kiki
b03. balon – minumina
b04. pequena fiera – whistle i’ll be around
b05. la rainbow toys orchestra – dumbo en el pais de las maravillas
b06. toychestra – nurse
b07. tycho brahe – raviolis
b08. top montagne – igrouchki
b09. teenage symphony – lucky
b10. the unteleported asteroid – unteleported telephone