Display Copy
a mixtape by Konx-om-Pax
release date : 2010
label : themire / thewire.co.uk

Glasgow-based director, animator and sound designer Konx-om-Pax aka Tom Scholefield (designer/director for Hudson Mohawke and Jamie Lidell amongst others) has put together a club night as part of his Display Copy project (studio and record label).

Download an exclusive Konx-om-Pax Display Copy mix here (1h 25m)

01. City Scum Shot, “The Bamboo Vein”
02. Grippers Nother Onesers, “After Dark Cravings”
03. Ducktails, “Seagull’s Flight”
04. Dolphins Into The Future, “Lone Voyager”
05. Tod Dockstader, “Knockwhistle”
06. Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan, “The Visitor from Inner Space”
07. Bruce Haack (Miss Nelson And Bruce), “Mudra”
08. Conrad Schnitzler, “Trigger One 2″
09. Irsol, “Concentration”
10. Tolerance, “Sacrifice”
11. Stephen Mallinder, “Length of Time”
12. David Fenech, “Poteaux/Feux”
13. Coil, “Who’ll Fall”
14. Throbbing Gristle, “Painless Childbirth”
15. Team Doyobi, “Music For Cat”
16. Alan Sparhawk, “17.53″
17. Zoviet France, “Electron Gate”
18. Konx-om-Pax, “At Home With Mum & Dad”
19. Chris Carter, “Clouds”
20. Sir Richard Bishop, “Smashana”
21. Erkki Kurenniemi, “Sähkösoittimen Ääniä #4 (1971)”
22. The Goslings, “Overnight”
23. Konx-om-Pax, “Hurt Face”
24. Pocahaunted, “Chinatown”
25. Konx-om-Pax, “Jamie Mono Tape”
26. Current 93 & Nick Cave, “Patripassian”
27. Popol Vuh, “Through Pains to Heaven”
28. Alexandro Jodorowsky, Ronald Frangipane & Don Cherry, “Tarot Will
Teach You/Burn Your Money”
29. Nicholas and Gallivan with Larry Young, “Angles Wing”
30. Chris Corsano, “How Should You Throw It On Other Occasions?”
31. Androids Of Mu, “Atomic X”
32. Martin Creed, “Fuck Off”