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Jac Berrocal + David Fenech + Vincent Epplay – Exterior Lux
Labels : Akuphone (LP/DL), KlangGalerie (CD)
Release date : 2020

Exterior Lux is the third album from the trio Jac Berrocal + David Fenech + Vincent Epplay. Featuring Sayoko Papillon on vocals on one track and Guy Harries on flute. the song Fuis Le Feu is inspired by a song by Alan Vega. And Je me suis endormi is inspired by Jean Vasca. Mastered and cut by the legendary Noel Summerville.

Tracklisting :

01. Going Nowhere
02. Exterior Lux
03. Walkabout
04. Wakhan corridor
05. Chiroptera
06. Vetiver
07. Officer
08. Fuis Le Feu
09. Légère Dentelle
10. No Guitar Today
11. Je me suis endormi