Cicada 17 Requiem : Brood X
Compilation of bandcamp

A compilation dedicated to cicadas ! Every 17 years, Brood X cicada nymphs tunnel upwards en masse to emerge from the surface of the ground. The insects then shed their exoskeletons on trees and other surfaces, thus becoming adults. The mature cicadas fly, mate, lay eggs in twigs, and then die within several weeks. The combination of the insects’ long underground life, their nearly simultaneous emergence from the ground in vast numbers and their short period of adulthood allows the brood to survive even massive predation.

David Fenech took cicada rhythms as a kind of score for his own drumming.
Instruments are : Cicadas samples, Mini drum, sequencer, ride cymbal, snare

01. Darius Ciuta – cad C
02. David Michael – Brood X
03. David Rothenberg & Peter Bouteneff – For Joe Maneri Too
04. David Rothenberg & Peter Bouteneff – For Arvo
05. David Rothenberg & Peter Bouteneff – For Joe Maneri One
06. David Rothenberg & John Wieczorek – Princeton Parabolic Zen
07. David Rothenberg & Big Band Five – Princeton Afternoon Big Band Five
08. David Stalling – Emanations from the Cicada Temple (in my_mind)
09. David Fenech – CadaVezCadaSix
10. Deep Dive Sound – Ethereal Storm
11. Distance – SB Cicada bowl orchestra of sound
12. Dominique t’Jolle – requiem (sens..sin)
13. DzEta – See the Light
14. Edward Ruchalski – Cicada Bowl Orchestra with vst and Tyrell N6
15. EL CABO – Petits Riens
16. EMERGE – invasion
17. Eric Leonardson – Requiem for Brood X What Can They Hear
18. Fabien Slawowycz – Cigani Cicadas
19. Fabien Wycz – La Tendre Cigale Et La Fourmie Rude
20. Flash Dog Duke Silver (FDDS) – Shukizemi Emergentia, Progenies, Requiem
21. Federico Badlucci & fourthousandblackbirds – The Archangel
22. Filmy Ghost – Cicadas at the Fog
23. Flavour – Rebirth
24. francisco lópez – El dia anterior a la emergencia de los adultos de Magicicada [1993]
25. Frank Millard – Cigarra
26. French Radio Constellation – tongue ominus
27. Gerardo Colin – Welcome to Casa Cicadas
28. Hari Hardman – Swarm
29. Herbert Baioco – Landscape of Wires and Cicadas
30. Humanfobia – Dungeon of Insectoids