To Post A Tape Vol.4
Finished The 29-01-1997.
Cover By M.Nomized.
Compiled By Fraction Studio And Minimart Production.
All Rights Reserved.
P.1993-1997 Fraction Studio.

Side One :
A01. Electric Chair – Nightmare Salsa (France)
A02. L’Arme Moderne – Sans Titre Et Mono (France)
A03. Le Manifeste De L’Art Discret – 1 Mn Pour Souffler (France)
A04. Condominium – Interaction Condominium (France)
A05. The Drum Fondu – Fondu About Drum (Belgium)
A06. The Conspiracy – 1 Minute Bit (Uk)
A07. Valerie Hembacher – Untitled (France)
A08. Cabbagehead – Beware Of The Artrap (Uk)
A09. Crazy Hearts – Burning Bridges (Germany)
A10. Dogmeat – Dirtiness/Hey (Finland)
A11. In Zhe Gaza Megakitsch – Entre Les Cintres Et Plein La Douche (France)
A12. T.U.O.B – Untitled (Uk)
A13. La Fresto – L’Araignée (France)
A14. I.Q.C.M. – Selenio Dice (Spain)
A15. Espressione Astratta – One Minute Of Panic (Italy)
A16. Okaniwa Fumihiro – Big Nude (Japan)
A17. Luster – Untitled (Usa)
A18. Neutral Project – Impasse (France)
A19. Zwieback Garantiert – I’M A Horny-Trumpet-Crust-Punk (Germany)
A20. Stefan Barke – Radikal, Haha! (Germany)
A21. Guttorm Nordo – Kakofoni N°1 (Norway)
A22. Sebastien Sarian – L’Hélicoitale (France)
A23. Devis G. – Untitled (Italy)
A24. Le Peintre Nato – La Préssentiel (France)
A25. Les Amants D’Hier – Voyage Pas Toute Seule (House Mix) (France)
A26. Triptyckon – End Of Reason (Uk)
A27. Mye – Pleased As Not (Uk)
A28. David Fenech – Une Minute Au 102 (France)
A29. Pille Allein – 1-0-1 (Switzerland)
A30. Discombobulated Jazz Band – Black Forest Tort (Usa)

Side Two :
B01. Dream Baby Dream – Mediaevil (Uk)
B02. Expose Your Eyes – Total Sensory Overload (Uk)
B03. Factor X W/Sknflik – 28 Separates For The Skin (Uk)
B04. Gravid Rage – Foetal Growth (Uk)
B05. Hex Minora – Idolater (Uk)
B06. Hideg Roncs – A Hang (Hungary)
B07. Violetov General – In Whole My Life (Bulgaria)
B08. Whores Of Babylon – Eve Of Creation (Uk)
B09. Froide Equation – Horrible Dream (France)
B10. Julien – Juju (France)
B11. Jupe Luoma – Afternoon Chaos (Finland)
B12. Sans Issue – Pôm-Pôm (France)
B13. Mlehst – Strung Up By The Guts (Uk)
B14. L’Avis G821 – Un Mauvais Rêve (France)
B15. Sound Inhaler – Inevitable Death (Uk)
B16. Keja – Dernière Minute De La Vie D’Un Moustique (France)
B17. Eelo – Deus Ex Machina (Usa)
B18. Mr. Moto – Toys 1 (Slow Version) (Germany)
B19. Gertie Bauer Und Die Jungs – Heimat (Germany)
B20. Emphasis – Factor Q (France)
B21. Bonk Mystica – Sample Of Love (Holland)
B22. Spasm Fabrikk – No Title (Denmark)
B23. Post Prandials – 1 Minute Pls (Usa)
B24. Daniele Brusaschetto – Lucido (Italy)
B25. Marcel Stüssi – Unstable Space/Voyage Of Time (Switzerland)
B26. Ermacologie – Ermacologie (France)
B27. Skal Merk – Ethylic Polaroïd (France)
B28. Toy Bizarre – Kdi Dctb 40 (G.Dt) (France)
B29. The Legendary Poptones – Dimness (Bulgaria)
B30. Fabien Gachon – Sullen Sweetness (France)