cwk30Classwar Karaoke Survey 0030
release date : 2015
format : download (link)
label : Classwar Karaoke

A downloadable compilation in the form of a survey , for the “Classwar Karaoke” serie. Included is an exclusive gnawa like track from David Fenech. Also includes Gino Robair, Zeena Parkins, Philip Greenlief, Guy Harries,

Tracklisting :

Classwar Karaoke – 0030 Survey

01. {AN} Eel, Chris Tonelli and Furchick – SOrrr Y sorry Sorry for the Confusion
02. 16-PARAL-LEL – Nr.16
03. AG Davis and {AN} EeL – Miserotist
04. AG Davis and Jaan Patterson – Lye abroad, to many sang
05. AG Davis and The BoyplusGirl – Sperm Warfare
06. Ambient Fabric – Magic Kingdom
07. Anthony Donovan – Erg. Lore, Penis From Sandman et al
08. Anthony Osborne and Ronny Waernes – My Bed of Nails
09. Antonio de Braga and datewithdeath – ddB4M
10. Arco Enarmonico – Endoparasite
11. Arthur Henry Fork – Hearken Unto My Lurid Gleam
12. ASTMA feat. Sandra Lester – Beasts and Men
13. Astrometria – WhatIsForAfters
14. Ayato and Naoki Ishida – Sign Part2
15. Balkh – Migrations
16. Basstards – Re-Imaging The Passed
17. Ben Presto – FidelGastroAlienDance (Freedom Of Choice)
18. Berthelot – Les songes du Docteur Faustroll
19. Black Howler – Widdershins (A Dead Man In Deptford)
20. BlkMas – Play The Inexplicable Danger
21. Carlos Ramirez – Quiet Fields
22. Chevo Légé – Fragments d’un Vieux Monde
23. Christos Sakellaridis – Hyperpiano 4a-4d
24. Cousin Silas and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – The Loneliness Of The Chameleon Kopfkino
25. Crush!!! – It Cannot Happen This Way
26. Damien Olsen and LIL – Desert Lily Deformed
27. Daniel Heikalo – Les sentiers de l’errance maboule The paths of Insanity’s Meandering
28. Darius Greene – Mucka Fucka / Renting Toddlers
29. David Fenech – Gna Gna Wa Wa
30. devotionalhooligan – The Glass Delusion
30. Edgelands – Zawn
32. Elvin Brandhi and THF Drenching – Report From The Rialto Eviction
33. Fargi – Tampel
34. Felipe Barbosa and Rosendo J. Rocha – Choralien
35. Fiver’s Stereo – It’s Maddening
36. Fleshtone Aura – Two Track CD Single in Card Sleeve
37. fp5 – DaxContra Clarinet Piece
38. Greenlief Parkins Robair – Recently (untitled)
39. Grove of Whispers feat. Michelle Yom – Frozen
40. Gurdonark – Parklife
41. Guy Harries – Extremophiles 3
42. Herve Perez – Roadkill
43. Ion – The Hidden Depths
44. Jaan Patterson – Die Jahre Licht mal Drei
45. Jared C. Balogh – I.N.G. 23
46. John Hyatt and Anthony Donovan – Machine Man Music
47. John Hyatt and Jaan Patterson – Destroyer
48. John Jasnoch and Hopek Quirin – Quibbles
49. John M. Bennett and Jaan Patterson – The Stool
50. Juan Antonio Nieto – A Cave
51. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Arthur Henry Fork – Boric Acid Snatch
52. Lezet – Labour Day Thoughts
53. Lezet and His Nephew Vanja – Fun
54. LIL – Art Expert
55. MaCu and Jaan Patterson – Apicius Verfolger
56. Martin-Davison – ThimbleWeighsATon
57. Matthew Burnett and {AN] Eel – That I will grant you
58. Noise Research – Exposed an excerpt
59. Oblivian Substanshall – Head Kick
60. Origami Boe – Music, even waves
61. Origami Replika – 15 Minutes Of Flame (live in Vilnius)
62. Osvald Ccibils – Soundart29april2015c
63. Øystein Jørgensen and Fibreman – Strange Days
64. Paul Mimlitsch – wtf is all the chatter about!
65. Paulo Chagas and Rosendo J. Rocha – Dust and Water Breed Wood
66. Peter Thoegersen – Alien Music
67. Phil Lucking – Solo
68. Pierre Fablet and Mathieu Gaborit – Saturne
69. Pixyblink – Mind Orb
70. Plasticon – Don’t Explain
71. Qkcofse – Quartet 2
72. Rabbitry – Brey All You Want
73. Rabbitry and Anthony Donovan – We Remain Uneaten
74. Russell CJ Duffy and balkh – Flood the Deserts with its Piss
75. S.E.T. – snakestongue
76. Sean Derrick Cooper Maquardt and Rosendo J. Rocha – The Day God Took Your Blues Away
77. Sean Reynard – The Naked Taxman Weeks 1-4
78. Seicho suru kigi – Cold Iron
79. Seiei Jack – 888
80. Silas, Hodges and Lyons – Inclining Towards Pleasure
81. Some Some Unicorn – A Perfect Example of Grace
82. Sound Inhaler – anxiety sterol live mix
83. Super Mountain Bike Brothers – For All the Wind Starved
84. suRRism – IInter Sphincter
85. Suzana’s Bauten and Lezet and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – Caos intro
86. Tender Buttons – A Red Hat. A Blue Coat. A Piano. (Excerpt)
87. The Heliotropic Lodge – Various Approaches to the Synaptic Tip Tap Technique
88. Thomas Havik – Gehackte Infoscreens
89. Travis Johnson and Jaan Patterson – I mean not am! (Since Wave)
90. unassisted fold with Giovanni Mancuso – Mystik-Kabarett (short cut)
91. Viagra Mouth – Viagra Mouth
92. Vincent Berger Rond – This Time As A True Or A False Perception
93. VMlaa – Inciting-Freedom Too Realizations A-New…….
94. Warrior Squares – Laser Pond
95. weltAusstellung – stimmenrausch
96. William Davison and Jaan Patterson (with S. Higgins, C. Hinz, J. Bailey, P. Mosher, L. Feesey) – Realm of Gestures
97. Zal p0_thet Tarikat – Tavuk Disleri
98. Zap-Pascal – (Business) Unsane [Mix2, march2015] exclusive

{AN} Eel, Chris Tonelli and Furchick: SOrrr Y sorry Sorry for the Confusion

16-PARAL-LEL: a double-deaf trial called PARAL-LEL: several artists/musicians were invited to contribute one or more tracks of about three minutes which are randomly combined. editing (minimal) and mix by Hopek Quirin and Kris Limbach. this is result number 16 of the experiment: 16-PARAL-LEL ñ Jacki Engelken (guitar), Der Gorilla Knurr (cut-ups), Hopek Quirin (bass) / 16-PARAL-LEL was played “deaf” live in different rooms so that the participants didn’t hear each other during the recording. tracks 1-PARAL-LEL to 15-PARAL-LEL were kindly included in previous Classwar Karaoke Surveys and released as an album on the Classwar Karaoke label

AG Davis: […]

AG Davis and {AN} Eel: Miserotist / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

AG Davis and Jaan Patterson: […]

AG Davis and The BoyplusGirl: […]

Ambient Fabric: solo project of Norwegian musician Øystein Jørgensen /

Anthony Donovan: You will die live and alone on analogue TV. If, by accident, more remain to wave at the leader’s red nose as Anschluss, then Blair-brains in begging bubbles, outrageous with infant gas and palliative pearly spit, form new strains of bacteria, as from cyber, bestowed backwards upon the observable Universe and the lending hands that let the strong survive. You lose, you see. You lose every time; and in losing I foresee for you a broken head-bone for your fake dates-of-birth, with your eyes closed by my machines

Anthony Osborne: A Dead Man, Dead, In Dead Deptford / Anthony Osborne is a film-maker and musician. He is a member of the audiovisual collectives Black Howler and Union Furnace. Widdershins (twice!) around St Nicholas Church, Deptford ñ the last resting place of the bones of Christopher Marlowe and close to the site of his murder. An invocation, a sÈance, a love letter, an attempt to call up the shade of Marlowe

Anthony Osborne and Ronny Waernes: My Bed Of Nails / All sound sources by Ronny Waernes; manipulations and treatments by Anthony Osborne / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

Antonio de Braga and datewithdeath: ‘ddB4M’ / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

Arco Enarmonico: […]

Armin P. Copp and Rosendo J. Rocha: interdimensional surf / Armin P. Coop: Fractals; Rosendo J. Rocha: Audio & Video / Net Lab:

Arthur Henry Fork: Harken unto my lurid gleam / AHF > real time errorandsound guitar and laments / Recorded April 2015 ó MXDF

ASTMA feat. Sandra Lester: Beasts and Men / Joint work of Russian duo ASTMA (Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova) and English poet Sandra Lester. Produced in 2015 /í

Astrometria: What Is For Afters.

Astrometria is Matt Chilton and can be found here:
Ayato and Naoki Ishida: Sign Part2 / Ayato – Guitar,
Naoki Ishida – Field recordings, iPhone / mix

balkh: Migrations

Basstards: Re-imaging the Passed / Ellis Hawkins: Sax and Manipulation; Chris Smith: Drums

Ben Presto: […]

Berthelot: […]

Black Howler: Widdershins (A Dead Man In Deptford) / Black Howler is an audiovisual collective interested in drone, noise, folk concrÈte and monochrome psychedelia. On this occasion Black Howler consisted of: Anthony Osborne: analogue and digital electronics/treatments and manipulations; Molly Bloom: voices/keyboards/balbal tarang. Widdershins (A Dead Man In Deptford) is an invocation, an invitation and a calling down of the shade of Christopher Marlowe

BlkMas: Play The Inexplicable Danger

Carlos Ramirez: […]

Chevo Légé: Fragments d’un Vieux Monde

Christos Sakellaridis: I’m a pianist-composer from Greece ,the pieces ‘m sending are I call the hyper pianos variations,based on motives of Xenaki’s piano piece Evriali, I’m using generative processes to create colors using and manipulating a midi piano

Cousin Silas and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt: The Loneliness Of The Chameleon Kopfkino / Cousin Silas -@cousin-silas / Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt-@more-black-then-god / Voices: Mary Kelly / Michael Kroetch /Önglish/Öamaeleons.html / music: Cousin Silas and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Crush!!!: are Sonic Pleasure, Mark Browne and Ian Smith. The group has been performing together for 5 years. Each of us has played for a number of years in a variety of improvising contexts. The group utilises a vast array of discovered, collected and home-made sound making devices combined with more traditional instruments. Sonic Pleasure is infamous for her unique crafting of sound from bricks and masonry, reducing much of her instrumentation to dust by the end of a concert. She also plays flute. Mark Browne plays saxophones, broken glass, percussion, whistles, game calls and bones. Ian Smith plays trumpet and more recently guitar in an extraordinary manner. CRUSH!!! ñ Bricks and stones, brass and bones, glass and phones. For Class War Karaoke 0030 the mix is created from live and studion recordings. Crush!!! studio and live recordings can be found at

Damien Olsen and LIL: One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

Daniel Heikalo: […]

Darius Greene: […]

David Culleton in conjunction with Matt Harling, Graham Foster and Walt Shaw: Notes From Underground / ëNotes From Undergroundí is a short video made in what was once the ëSteel, Peech and Tozerí steelworks in Rotherham, Yorkshire, beneath what were the working furnaces. The remains of a vibrant, manufacturing steel industry have almost fossilised into a somewhat dystopian, subterranean landscape. The ambiguous working title of ëNotes From Undergroundí has a nod to Fyodor Dostoevskyís eponymous novella, but is more about a reflection, even an elegy for the loss of a great industry and with it a cohesive community, done naturally in our mode of expression. David Culleton ñ film maker Graham Foster ñ physical performer, voice Walt Shaw ñ percussion, voice Matt Harling ñ ësaxoboneí, walkie-talkie The ësaxoboneí is a wonderful trombone / sax hybrid made by Matt, who also constructed the suspended sound sculpture played by Walt. Note, the video starts in silence for several seconds / / Contact – Walt Shaw

David Fenech: Gna Gna Wa Wa / Autor : David Fenech / recorded in Paris, France 2014-2015 / This is a vocal evocation of a parisian gnawa trance

devotionalhooligan: […]

Edgelands: Zawn / Edgelands is a trio made up of Mark Beazley ( leader of Rothko, bass player in Band of Holy Joy, proprietor of Trace Recordings..) Stuart ‘ Hybernation ‘ Bowditch ( sound artist, producer, musician ) and Graham ‘ Gagarin ‘ Dowdall ( member of Pere Ubu and other ensembles, community musician ). Graham and Mark have worked together before as Low Bias but this is a debut for this trio. We never met to make Zawn – gagarin originated some basic ideas, files were exchanged, parts added, arguments held and finally a mix created. We think it represents the unique nature of our individual approaches but creates an atmosphere and journey all of it’s own. Mark is renowned for his grounded, beautifully melodic bass work, Stuart for both his techno leanings and also his public sound art, whilst Graham has a history as a drummer lost in a world of worried electronics. These elements and more come together to create this very moody episodic sonic journey that maintains the spontaneity of the process whilst hopefully culminating in a refined soundworld
Elvin Brandhi and THF Drenching: Report From The Rialto Eviction / Elvin Brandhi – voice and electronics; THF Drenching – dictaphones and dog-toy / Newcastle and Manchester, May 2015

Fargi: Tampel: A collaboration between Stefan Schmidt and George Miskos (Seicho suru kigi) / / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

Felipe Barbosa and Rosendo J. Rocha: Choralien / Felipe Barbosa: Computer Drums; Rosendo J. Rocha: Guitar, Bass, Darbuka

Fiver’s Stereo: solo project of Florida, USA-based Jay Decosta Peele

Fleshtone Aura: solo project of Andrew Zuckerman

Floating Peculiar / an evening of Classwar Karaoke contributors at the Minesweeper Collective, London, England, 19 April 2015 / A document by Rxsslxr: featuring, in order of appreance: Micheal Clough and Jonny Martin; Page and Drage; balkh; Murmurists (Anthony Donovan, Rebecca Bogue, Graham Dunning and Anthony Osborne); Harmageddon; Ampersand (with Zolan Quobble, Mai Nguyen Tri and VJflickeringlight)

fp5: Farrell Lowe (prepared electric guitar/ daxophone/ objects/ electronics), Paul Mimlitsch (contrabass clarinet/ electronics). Recorded in concert, Boulder, CO, March 6, 2015

Fred Lonberg-Holm: […]

Greenlief Parkins Robair: Recently (untitled) / Phillip Greenlief – clarinet; Zeena Parkins – harp; Gino Robair – energized surfaces / Recorded live at Berkeley Arts Festival, Berkeley, California on April 1, 2015 by Karen Stackpole/Stray Dog Recording Services. © Parkins/Greenlief/Robair

Grove of Whispers: Michelle Yom, born in Seoul 1982, started piano at three, flute at eleven, and after studying classical music, switched to improvised music in 2004. After studies in Boulder and New York, she moved to Houston, where she was active in the improvised music community since 2006. In June 2012, she quit her choral director position and moved to Berlin. Now she spends most of her time with the flute continuing exploration of new sounds and timbres using voice, circular phrasing, and finger drumming. Most recently, she began using microphones and speakers to amplify the small, inside sounds of the flute, and use it and its feedback sounds as another material for improvisation.

/ Grove of Whispers is John Tocher. John does the Sadayatana podcast and creates live improvised soundscapes several nights a week on
He also releases dark and experimental music at Buddhist on Fire.
Gurdonark: Parklife / This song and video focus on the sustainable wonder of nature close-at-hand. Filmed in a neighborhood park, Bethany Lakes Park, in Allen, Texas USA

Guy Harries: Extremophiles 3 / Performer/composer: Guy Harries / Extremophiles are organisms that thrive in extreme environments where other creatures would never survive. This piece is a solo semi-improvised composition, which has been performed in various versions since 2014. This particular version is an edit from a live performance that took place at ICA London on 6 Feburary 2015. I am indebted to my brother Daniel for the metaphor of the title, which was his response to a live performance of the piece /

Hervé Perez: itís not me, i wasno íere. itís the story of a badger, a british botcher. the blank stare of a road kill. dopey eye and customer service protocol calls. return queue to sleepy sleep. request rant jus rite it down you aks. yer postcode for a question. a penny for the lost does not compute. might as well hit the road. might as well eat the roadkill. and a pint for the lads. cos things start getting weird. surveillance is everywhere. welcome to the party. ignorance is bliss. fingering each otherís screen. might as well hit the road. might as well eat the roadkill. and jus smile as you exit this shit, youíre on camera as you come in and all the while ahdunno, ah only work here /

ION: […]

Jaan Patterson: […]

Jan Swinburne: […]

Jared C. Balogh: I.N.G. 23 / Contact Info: E-mail: Website: Facebook: Twitter: / Country: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania USA

Jim Tuite and Anthony Donovan: Their Bodies / The clouds of the human soul move like ink through water. Clues emerge from places we cannot reach. They stare, invite and seduce us. The underground is the entryway of the forgotten and forbidden worlds inside us. They are glimpses of what we cannot accept – the immeasurable dreams weíve denied or forgotten. They are pulses and impulses of recognized primordial parts of ourselves – the portal into the atman. This meta-narrative goes beyond beginnings and endings / Video and text by Jim Tuite; Music by Anthony Donovan

Jim Tuite and theUse: Time Pieces / Kiss the Dark ó words borrowed from an ancient Irish Poem by artist L. Mylott Manning (, who created a piece of the same title- essentially a dress, covered in various watches set to different times. In Manning’s words, it is about taking steps into the unknown, leaving comfort zones and having faith in oneís own success. Michael Durek, aka theUse (, composed and performed ìTime Piecesî for the opening of ìKiss the Darkî and Jim Tuite ( created video to accompany the music. The video and music underwent many changes before reaching its current state. The video, ìTime Pieces,î embodies a dream or hallucinatory state based upon a crossing over between consciousness and unconsciousness, the real and the imagined. Elements suggest transition, projection, progressive concatenation. The video culminates with the breaking of the ego and hinting at disintegration. In creating the track, theUse shirks structures found on his debut release, and ditches looped drum clips in favor of hand programming and playing every note. Elements of jazz, synth-wave, and dark ambient grace the recording. Durek’s theremin carries the melodies of the track

John Hyatt and Anthony Donovan: Machine Man Music / words and vocals by John Hyatt; music by John Hyatt and Anthony Donovan

John Hyatt and Jaan Patterson: Destroyer / Words and Vocals by John Hyatt; Music John Hyatt and Jaan Patterson

John Jashoch and Hopek Quirin: Quibbles / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

John M. Bennett and Jaan Patterson: Poetry and Words by John M. Bennett, Music by Jaan Patterson

Juan Antonio Nieto: […]

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Arthur Henry Fork: Boric Acid Snatch / Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – guitar and sega genesis manipulations; Arthur Henry Fork ó errorandsound guitar and laments / A collaborative work based on interpretations of graphic scores / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

Kris Limbach and Hopek Quirin: ‘Live at Loophole, Berlin 21.04.15 / a document by Rxsslxr from an evening with Classwar Karaoke at Loophole – Berlin, Germany on 21 April 2015, featuring Kris Limbach and Hopek Quirin

Lezet: […]

Lezet and His Nephew Vanja: […]

LIL: […]

MaCu and Jaan Patterson: Apicius Verfolger / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

Mark Hewins featuring the Elton Dean Quartet ‘Divers in Space / He Who Dares. Music Soundtrack: EDQ at the BBC (R3 Jazz Today 1988). Elton Dean – Saxello, Mark Hewins – Guitar, Marcio Mattos – Bass, Mark Sanders – Drums. Video production details: I shot some night dive footage at Gubal Seghir in the Red Sea – Feb 2015 and stuck the track on it. 8:36 total length. The soundtrack has not been released in any other format anywhere else (other than to my friends on my FB timeline) so its an exclusive Elton Dean recording. The original *duo* recording of the track is at – / More info at and

Martin-Davison: ThimbleWeighsATon / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

Matthew Burnett and {AN} EeL: […]

Noise Research: Exposed is an excerpt from the forthcoming Noise Research album due for release mid 2015 on CD and download / Noise Research is Ian Simpson, UK based improvising musician and sound sculptor

Oblivian Substanshall: […]

Origami Boe: Music, even (waves)

In his concert/studio series “music, even” Tore HonorÈ Boe is drawing upon his entire solo soundarchive from 1984 to the present to recreate old material and mix it with new. He includes material from well-received albums like Siesta, Monokromosom, Confessions Of A Poolboy, Melting Snow and Viscum Album, in addition to new material. He uses his acoustic laptops and other instrumentation, and play up against random blocks of prerecorded sound. The concerts are verving on the performative, as they are visual and tend to get physical.

“Boe is not unlike John Cage: a man of small sounds, but with the amplification used in rock concerts I am pretty sure this must have sounded massive. Musicboxes, piano bangs and obscured drones make up a great piece that receives a good applaus from the audience. Well deserved.” – Frans DeWaard, Vital Weekly 604

“The live part tug at the end of your conciousness, like happenings outside your field of vision, while the recorded parts provide a muzz curtain elegantly highlighting the tinkle and clunk of the assembled art kitchen.” – The Wire

“Boe focus on what’s just before and after, over and under, in and around – and thus helps the listening ear open up to an expanded universe of sound that it knows exist, but usually don’t notice.” –

“I found myself staring at the loudspeakers astouned. Luckily – today’s rockers manage to breathe new life to contemporary music’s ideas.” – Absurd Magazine “The sounds posess a very natural inherent beauty, something that he is a very keen observer of.” – Roel Meelkop

Buy/listen to music:

Origami Replika: 15 Minutes Of Flame (live in Vilnius)

ORIGAMI (+) REPLIKA is and will forever be, if not always:
Nora Fiona Eriksen: guitar, objects, vocals, issues
Kjetil Hanssen: metal, vocals, issues
Kim Xmazz: passions, lead vocals, issues
2re Boe: dubplates, drums, vocals, issues

ORIGAMI (+) REPLIKA is a legendary happynoise scumpunk ensemble that reformed in 2013 after a 15 year rehearsal break. The world hadn’t been primed for happynoise before then. They have since performed in Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Islas Canarias. More selected shows are coming up. Their performances are extremely physical and their releases are uniquely powerful, yet their message is wiser, funnier and funkier than the predictably negative nihilist dirge of their peers. You have never seen or heard anything like them.

Due to the flat and including structure of the band the recent concerts and sessions include prominent guests like Cristiana Fraticelli (IOIOI), Id M Thfft Able, Peter Gotterbarm, Savva Terentyev, Man Manly, Tvoger, Mary Ngim, The Quiet Club and Utku Tavil.

From 1992 to 1998 they were hyperactive and omnipresent in the underground music exchange network producing a ton of cassettes, objects, several cdÇAos, cdrÇAos, a short movie, 7ÇA˘ÇAos and an LP. They toured extensively around in Europe. Their most known work includes the now famous remake cdÇ Aos of Kapotte Muziek and Merzbow, yet most was published in exclusive limited editions. Earlier line-ups included Lasse Marhaug, Major Ego, Mads-Staff Jensen, Frank Robert, Kai Kobi Mikalsen, Judge Replika and almost always 2re Boe.


Osvaldo Cibils: Soundart29april2015c / Soundart N∞3 of the digital album soundart29april2015 / soundart2015. Digital albums soundart for carrito of Trento. RolloSONIC software and osvaldo cibils. 2015 / Internet project:

Øystein Jørgensen and Fibreman: Strange Days / A remote collaboration transmitted and amalgamated between April & May 2015.Øystein’s parts are of bold and earthly/unearthly strikes and swooshes, Fibreman’s are of twitchy drones and elongated atmospheres /

Paul Mimlitsch: free improvisation: bass clarinet/ pedals

Paulo Chagas and Rosendo J. Rocha: Dust and Water Breed Wood / orientalist networked improvisation / Paulo Chagas: flute, soundscape; Rosendo J. Rocha: ukulele, udu drum

Peter Thoegersen: Alien Music is essentially my first Polytempic Polymicrotonal piece composed from a four part drumset composition in four simultaneous meters/tempos: 3, 4, 5, 7, all played in one sitting. There are additional microtonal instruments added in different tunings: 12tet, 19tet, slendro, and pelog. Composed in 2002 /

Phil Lucking: solo artist, based in Liverpool, UK

Pierre Fablet and Mathieu Gaborit: […]

Pixyblink: […]

Plasticon: “Sublime electronic pop in the spirit of Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire and more, but with a fresh paranoid vision that deserves your attention!” – Brendon Moeller, Beat Pharmacy / ìAnd the young girls eat their motherís meat from tubes of plasticon…î – ëMemo From Turnerí, ìPerformanceî / Rising from the ashes of avant-wave group Softworld comes Plasticon, an electronic music venture created by vocalist and lyricist/poet Jeremy Gluck and musician/producer Don Tyler, aiming†squarely at minimal†synth, retronica & classic New Wave. This Softworld out-take here becomes a Plasticon gambit, based on an acapella cover of Billie Holiday’s classic “Don’t Explain”. Deconstructing all in its path, from Kraftwerk to Kubrick, Plasticonís late 70s/early 80s post-future deconstructionist twist†rolls up sci-fi, punk and magick, into a binary mantra saving the future for today. Plasticon have recently signed to UK independent avant label Palm Zone and will have their debut EP released in 2015, featuring the artwork of Sten Backman / / Plasticon – Don’t Explain, Don Tyler: Music and Production, Jeremy Gluck: Vocal, Plasticon Logo: Sten Backman

Qkcofse: […]

Rabbitry: is the collaborative sound art project of Bonnie MacAllister / /Brey All You Want brey is to bray as prey is to pray Brey all you want You won’t take my hand Pickpocket now/Trapped in my dress Straightjacketed Bleat like a sheep Forever trapped…

Rabbitry and Anthony Donovan: We Remain Uneaten / voice and sung words by Bonnie MacAllister; music and spoken words by Anthony Donovan / Made in USA and England, April-May 2015, especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke / She wore an apron Donned her disguise He wore a helmet Of taxidermy eyes They wouldnít listen To underbelly lies They wouldnít blister Some sub-synched cries It was in April Wrinkling her eyes She was steadfast Lisping out her tries God put all the wrong things on the Earth in the right order. If the need is for other red lines – as ever, that is to say, bailing, brilliantine commemorations of abbreviated rivalry – then, perhaps, we might allow the brain of Zeus to remain uneaten on Branch-Davidian Soviet Hanukkah / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

Ruela: digital art/sound art [336 works]

Russell CJ Duffy and balkh: Flood the Deserts with its Piss / Russell C.J. Duffy – voice & words, balkh – soundscape

S.E.T.: ”look what I really need would be for biologists to come back as my best friend” ”X thousand pounds” ”there’s no way to say this to a two year old” ”that’s by the way boulder harassment”
”try and say any body part can sense foolishness without it being sexual… you can’t because even though anybody can be a fool; everybody knows they’re nobody’s fool” ”you swim in serum treatment and migrate slinging” ”they’re watching this in real time, they are, the fuckers, Gibbs would sort them out, no fucking worries OOH AAHHH” ”proliferate bridges infantile infinitessimal burning pending’ ”if it comes to you a thousand-fold in stitches, time, a thousand folded line” ”mindstrum dissaray into fullness, tick tock shadow barnet pull a slope into harness”

Sean Derrick Cooper Maquardt and Rosendo J. Rocha: The Day God Took Your Blues Away / Sean Derrick Cooper Maquardt (Live Recording), Rosendo J. Rocha: Guitar, Percussion / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and Safin Marquardt: Magic Mitte / Video: Safin Marquardt / Soundtrack: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Sean Reynard: film – ‘666brushstrokes’, sound-piece – The Naked Taxman Weeks 1-4′ /

Seicho suru kigi: […]

Seiei Jack: […]

Silas Hodges and Lyons: […]

Some Some Unicorn ñ A Perfect Example of Grace

Some Some Unicorn: for this release is Shaun Blezard, Simon Fox, Phil Powell and Stephen Shiell. Some Some Unicorn is an experiment in communal music making. Working on the border of composition and improvisation Some Some Unicorn draws together artists from the fields of improv, electronics, jazz, poetry and popular music. Some names you will know, some you donít yet, but all have given time and talent to become Some Some Unicorn /

Sound Inhaler: Anxiety (Sterol live mix) / A Sterol hat- trick of live recordings, this their take on Anxiety, again from the ëriftí cd . Live metal percussion by Gina. Go Here: For a free download of the sound inhaler album ëscn9aí and other back catalogue items. Go here:
For the sound inhaler you tube channel. Contact us here:

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Super Mountain Bike Brothers: For All the Wind Starved. We are a two piece from Raleigh NC, USA / check us out at and on soundcloud

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Suzana’s Bauten and Lezet and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen: Suzana’s Bauten È um Coletivo Espiritual Experimental constituÌdo por trÍs membros, formado no mÍs de junho de 2013 na Cidade de Salvador – BA. Seus membros n„o adequados ao cen·rio musical e artÌstico invocaram forÁas obscuras de um paganismo cibernÈtico encontrado num livro antigo acompanhado por um pen drive dando vida a Suzana que È a mistura de elementos eletroac˙sticos em forma de emoÁıes que se originam do caos levando quem se ousa a ouvir tal melodia a sentimentos contraditÛrios e extremos: Ûdio, luxuria, contentamento, paz, inveja, compaix„o, niilismo, tÈdio, contemplaÁ„o, uma infinidade de sensaÁıes em ondas sonoras que pode causar derretimento do cÈrebro ou a possibilidade de pequenas divinizaÁıes moment‚neas

Tender Buttons: A Red Hat. A Blue Coat. A Piano. (Excerpt) / Tania Chen (piano), Tom Djll (modular synths) and Gino Robair (modular synths) / Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, 22 March, 2015 / © 2015 Chen/Djll/Robair

Thanato Twist with Olegís sound system: is the improv duo of Kortane Cortex aka Thanatomitsu V.02 and Ayato aka Thanatogushi ID. They use mainly cheap keyboards with lots of effects, but also sometimes vinyls, tapes, radios and guitars

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Thomas Havlik: Supermarktmusik / sound/text by Thomas Havlik, guitar by Jˆrg Zemmler) / includes an audio-soundpoetry/lyrik work from Havlik called Gehackte Infoscreens

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Tomomi Adachi and Jaap Blonk: ‘Live Improvisation, Studio Niculescu, Berlin, Germany, 10th May 2015′ / Filmed and edited by Johann Camut

TOTAL E.T.: I.v.Martinez is a member of anti-all dada experiMENTAL industrial noise project TOTALITNY REZIM. His solo projects TOTAL E.T.,T.R.I.v.M. and mutanT.R.I. are devoted to exploring new territories in noiseland and based on alien origin / / /

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Tripod Sardine and F.Ampism: Popliteal Fossa / One of a number of collaborative duo pieces made especially for 0030 survey of Classwar Karaoke, for which artists volunteered, and were paired using chance procedures

unassisted fold with Giovanni Mancuso: Mystik-Kabarett (short cut) / composed in 2015 by Giovanni Mancuso for the duo unassisted fold. live recording: 26.04.15 at Le Pantographe (CH) / unassisted fold: Sonja Horlacher: flutes; Flavio VirzÏ: guitars, air ballon, electronics

Viagra-Mouth: Bei der in dir wurde zuletzt alles so albern lachenden Menschen entfacht, könnte heiflen, zwischen Wörtern in etwa so wie in Artist Königin, Räumlichkeiten die mein Tanzen sehen sind nur wie ein Spanischer Überlebender. Das Vampir war eine gelähmte Mischung! Höhlen. Grau oder gerne fein, erinnern Sie sich? – Wört-Iich Auf dem See mit dem Zeug dort wo meine schrumpfte und ihr mich. .und Diese bin ich in tausend von ihnen- Rufen Sie einfach die Frauen und Arsch beteiligten Ohren des Jetzt! Halten wir nicht Außerirdische als etwas Fremdes? Junge sah einen Glauben so heifl. Beruf wie die Denke, albernd weiß, Honig. Eine dieser blauen und Ihr Lachen Über verrottete Mixer, die sie ein -An wiegende sich für geschäftlich halten, lustig, nicht die Zuschauer, die auf der zitternden Hand ist, mit denen sie bekommen einige Alter. Zuerst sollten Sie schrecklich alles wie die Spitzmaus Erinnerungen kleben, Haare an mir Freund Kalkstein. Ich alt wie durch Haare und Kindheit. Die Jahre Licht mal Drei. Eis ist was diejenigen kochen, dafl Zement bis Fleisch zur Nase dringt hat man mir gesagt, wie kalte Johnnyís! Ich bin wie immer, mein Alles in mir zu verstehen, Ihren Weg Requisiten so s¸fl? Andere denken! Warum so Uhren ich sie ihm, mit dergleichen. Echt nicht flackern Räumlichkeiten. Sein Teer drei mal halten. Meine aus murmelte zeigen sie Ekel, aufler der und halten Sie etwas für anderes. W‰re nicht schlecht in Routinen zu verfallen, Sie schleicht,- Ich halte inne, bis dafl die Fledermäuse schnell, aber ich bin in Ihrer Sie nicht mit immer deiner Nase. Seit dieser Stimme. Das aber ist und nicht die Zeit zurück, Kannibale in Worten. Gertie von ich bin innen sauber! Reden ist, Vampir graviert diese mit aber schrecklich verlässt der in Überlebender. Holen Sie sich den tot unten als Überlebender. Es wird nicht brennen, der viel Geräusche macht, und jetzt keine weiteren Knochen in sein Fleisch gestapelt hat.

Vincent Berger Rond: Village de la mÈtaphore / It includes a 50 pages theater play (78 pages in my childish presentation), a 4 minutes video art (trailer available for now), 7 poems written from the play
and 45 minutes of heavily charged schizophonia songs with collaborators (Daniel Knox – voice, Anat Pick – voice, Alexandre GÈrard – electric guitar). Vincent Bergeron, composition musicale, paroles, chant, 2014-15 / credits from†Village de la MÈtaphore, released 14 February 2015†Daniel Knox, vocaux†Anat Pick, vocaux / Collage Cinema video A collage of cinematic short sequences with the music of Vincent Berger Rond, his compositions and a few soft synths improvisations, all from 2014-15

VMlaa: Inciting-Freedom Too Realizations A-New……. / Flarvago (the-shorts)

Warrior Squares: are an improvised electronic music collective, comprising Geoff Leigh – voice, soprano sax, electronics; Paul Gardner – drums, electronics; James Weaver – guitar, electronics; Nick Weekes – bass, found objects, electronics. Their first digital release can be found at – eight improvised tracks recorded live in one studio session with no overdubs. More information at and / ‘Laser Pond’ was recorded live on stereo recorder during a rehearsal in January 2014

weltAusstellung: stimmenrausch / recording (excerpt) of performance given in dortmund-germany, april 2015

William Davison and Jaan Patterson (with S. Higgins, C. Hinz, J. Bailey, P. Mosher and L. Feesey) ‘Realm of Gestures’

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