Out of Standard France 4

Label : ADN (Italy)

This is the fourth Out of Standard!! compilation dedicated to the French oblique musics we like.

The fist two where edited in the 8o’s in the cassette format. Artists featured were Armand Miralles (Heratius Music Corporation), Aversion Sonore, Costes, DDAA, Denier du Culte, Die Form, Dz lectric, Etant Donnés, Moly, La STPO, Les 3 Phallus, Nu Creative Methods, Orient-Express, Pascal Comelade, Stenka Bazin, Toupidek Limonade,Vivenza, Vox Populi.

This time we have an historical group like Look de Bouk whose members were behind two very important labels of French scene like AYAA and InPolySons and groups like Hellebore and Neo Museum or Toupidek Limonade. Benoit Proust who was the drummer of Six Cylindres en V. Ptôse and Ericka Irganon agitators of French scene of the eighties with their cassette productions.Then an evergreen like Klimperei alias Christophe Pechanatz who went through all coins of alternative sounds with his joyful music. Denis Frajerman founder member of Palo Alto and talented composer of his solo works. David Fenech connection between the historical French avant-garde and nowadays scene. Bastien Pelenc (Algecow) and Stephane Bouhana (Nicht Rio) both members of Grand Chahut Orchestra with their improvised pieces. Erik Baron (once again) & Antoine Souchav’ with their long repetitive suite.

This compilation is dedicated to French film director Chris Marker alias Christian François Bouche-Villeneuve (1921-2012) artist and filmmaker whose experiments marked the evolution of French cinema. His films inspired the cover of France 4.

4th volume dedicated to French music of this compilation series from the ADN label.

01. Look de Bouk – Le marchand d’ail et d’oignons
02. Ericka Irganon – The Lab (or the Bats) 1:14 + Ptôse – Vaccine (first shot) 2:40
03. Benoit Proust – Chiens Maltraités
04. Klimperei – Jetons nos fongibles
05. Denis Frajerman – How do I love Thee
06. David Fenech – Adonis
07. Bastien Pelenc – A pieds joints
08. Sebastien Bouhana – Il faudra
09. Erik Baron & Antoine Souchav’- Tantric Equation # 3

1 Look de Bouk : Composed by Etienne Himalaya on a poem by Stéphane Mallarmé. Played by Etienne Himalaya and Kwettap Ieuw. Mixed by Denis Tagu.
2 Ericka Irganon : Rhinolophus hipposideros, synthesizers. A short track specially recorded as an introduction for Ptôse’s track on the compilation.
Ptôse : Benoit (Guitars, synthesizers) Lionel (Guitars, voices, drums, synthesizers) Ericka (Rhinolophus hipposideros, voices).
Vaccine (First Shot) is the first part of the forthcoming Ptôse’s EP : Vaccine (First Shot & Second Shot).
3 Benoit Proust : sadly composed, played and mixed by Benoit Proust à Reims
4 Klimperei : Klimperei is Christophe Petchanatz & lives slowly in Lyon.
5 Denis Frajerman : acoustic bass, keyboards & Susannah Rooke : voice
6 David Fenech: Electric bass, Flute, Ocarina, Bodhran, Voice, Live sampling
Recorded and mixed by David Fenech at Studio du Chantier May 2021
7 Bastien Pelenc : Violin, plastic bottle found on the floor, terre.
Improvisation recorded one night of September 2016 inside the quarries of St Juste à Saint Restitut (Drôme, France)
8 Sebastien Bouhana : drum, cymbal, disc and spring.
9 Erik Baron : composition Antoine Souchav’ : Hapsichord

Mastered by Ruggero Tajè
Dedicated to Chris Marker